In progress
More coming soon

I am currently working on this page, more information will follow soon. You can expect the following on this website:

  • WorkflowI will share my personal methods, workflow, and tips for both work & (self)study [time management, keeping overview, prioritizing, planning, etc.]

  • Serious Game Design 》Sharing tips for designing serious (non-tech) games for classes, training, or workgroups

  • Opinion PiecesThese include some of my academic writings

  • Knowledge BaseI will share summaries, topic overviews, and study-tools of all the subjects I have ever studied. This will be a repository of information for those interested or studying the same subjects. Here I will also share my recommended resources for studying the subject.

And I will share some personal stuff like:

  • About MeInformation about my background, my interests, my experience, and a small biography

  • Thoughts 》A personal blog about my own learning progress, courses I currently follow, thoughts in projects I am working on, etc.

  • Projects 》An overview of [personal] projects I worked on / projects I am working on right now

  • In the MediaMedia publications I was interviewed for, I already shared some but have to upload the rest.

  • FAQAnswering frequently asked questions about my career, but also autodidactic learning, etc.