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2013, HvA YouTube

IN THE MEDIA | 07.02.2013 | Global Game Jam Take 1 - What is the best part of the Global Game Jam? “It is very creative and fast-paced; everybody has to spontaneously think up ideas. And it is my belief that this results in far more enjoyable games in comparison to when you cling on to one game idea for a long time.”

2013, Het Parool

IN THE MEDIA | 28.01.2013 | We’re Living on Energydrinks and Fun! - This past weekend a thousand game-enthusiasts battled it out worldwide to develop the ultimate computer game within 48 hours. “People often view us as dilly-dallying nerds, but this takes hard work.”


IN THE MEDIA | 27.01.2013 | Report of Our Visit to the Global Game Jam 2013 in Amsterdam! - At 9.45am yesterday we made our way to the Global Game Jam in Amsterdam, held at the University of Applied Science Amsterdam (HvA). When we arrived the developers had already been hard at work for 18 of the 48 hours allocated for thinking up a game idea, developing it and presenting it.

2013, HvA DCMI News

IN THE MEDIA | 23.01.2013 | Dual Interview Global Game Jam Amsterdam - They are eager, motivated and ready to do battle. HvA (University of Applied Science Amsterdam) students Bejamin van Arkel (19) and Juliëtte van der Laarse (20) are getting ready for the Global Game Jam: to make a working computer game in 48 hours. She’s entering for the first time, while it is his secong go at it. ‘We’ve been stocking up on pen and paper. and red bull. lots of red bull.’