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Startup owner ♢ Student ♢ Researcher ♢ Serious Game Designer
♡ Planning Addict ♡ Philomath

  • Business 》ScienceTales: CERN ♢ ReddLock Studios
  • Education 》Korea Studies ♢ Security Studies ♢ International Business Law ♢ Urban Studies ♢ Game Development ♢ Computer Science
  • Research 》Cybersecurity Governance ♢ North Korean Teleology in Negotiation
  • Writing Projects 》Planning and Organization for Students ♢ Serious Game Design for Social Science
  • Hobbies Digital Art ♢ Writing ♢ Reading ♢ Musea ♢ Tattoos ♢ DIY Tech & Mechanics projects

  • Recognition Viva400 (2018) list of 400 most inspiring Dutch Women ♢ Viva400 (2018) Techtalents Award Nominee ♢ Gulliver Student Award (2018) Nominee ♢ European Parlement (2018) ‘International Womens Day’ Campaign rolemodel for Girls in Tech ♢ Microsoft NL Digiladies (2017) One of 5 rolemodels for Women in Tech
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In the years of combining the many things I do, I have tried, adapted, and used multiple methods to boost my productivity, get the most out of things, keep an overview, and stay on track. The system I am using for managing everything I do now thus grew naturally and was designed to suit my own specific goals. It was only recently that I realized how extensive this system actually had become when people started asking me to share tips and tricks. I am now trying to generalize my personal methods so others might benefit from using them too. I designed my own system with two pillars in mind:


2018, Mare

IN THE MEDIA | 13.12.2018 | This is how you earn 230 credits in one year - If anyone has earned a vacation, it is Juliette van der Laarse. She does four (4!) bachelors and runs a game company. Mare asked her to keep an agenda for a week. Fortunately, she already did – and quite meticulously.“It is less intense than it seems”

2018, Aalsmeer Vandaag

IN THE MEDIA | 31.10.2018 | Aalsmeer [woman] nominated for 'Techtalent Award' - 26-year-old Juliette van der Laarse, an Aalsmeer resident, has been nominated by women’s magazine V! VA for the so-called Techtalent Award. Every year the magazine compiles a list of the 400 most inspiring women in all sorts of fields. In the ‘tech talent’ section, Juliette is one of the 28 contenders for the appealing award.

2018, One World

IN THE MEDIA | 26.06.2018 | Nerd and Geekculture is still a man's world - Juliëtte P. Rose van der Laarse (26) develops games. OneWorld spoke to her about educational games, inclusive game characters, and sexism in the game industry. “Not just women should be accepted in tech, femininity should be accepted too”

2013, De Nieuwe Revu

IN THE MEDIA | 13.02.2013 | ‘When the heart stops beating, you win’! - Making games in 48 hours (without sleep) – in Amsterdam 122 game developers have sequestered themselves away from the outside world for 48 hours in order to develop a completely new game. Sex, drugs, and rock ‘n roll, virtually. "We have gotten addicted to green tea, it keeps you alert"

2013, HvA YouTube

IN THE MEDIA | 07.02.2013 | Global Game Jam Take 1 - What is the best part of the Global Game Jam? “It is very creative and fast-paced; everybody has to spontaneously think up ideas. And it is my belief that this results in far more enjoyable games in comparison to when you cling on to one game idea for a long time.”

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Dreamer. Risk taker. Idealist. Often failing. Always trying. What carries me through is that I truly love what I do.