Student | Startup owner | Aspiring academic | Aspiring Industry leader | Organization & planning addict | Philomath and forever student

  • Co-Founder & Owner – ScienceTales: CERN
  • Founder & Owner – ReddLock Studios

  • Student – Korea Studies, Leiden University

  • Student – Security Studies, Leiden University

  • Student – International Business Law, Leiden University
  • Student – Urban Studies, Leiden University
  • Research Project – Digital States, rethinking cyberspace and law
  • Research Project – Data Science in Korea Studies and humanities
  • Book – HOPP for Personal Planning and Organization

Bio / Résumé


After years of combining education with self-study, (side)projects and my many interests and hobbies I have developed my own system to make it all work. This system is a combination of existing methods mixed with a few of my own designs and grew naturally. It was only recently that I realized how extensive it actually got when people started asking me to share tips and tricks. My system has two main goals:

My Methods